The Trouble With Choosing A WordPress Theme

So, as you can probably already see, I updated my blog and added a new theme. However, it wasn’t as easy as it should have been. Don’t get me wrong, WordPress is a super easy to use platform and has hundreds if not thousands of great themes available. Nonetheless I found choosing a theme for Read more about The Trouble With Choosing A WordPress Theme[…]

How Did I Get Started Making Money Online?

So a lot of you have been asking for advice and help with specific strategies of how to make money online. The first thing I want to say is that although I find making money online easy now – I didn’t always have such luck. I started with a variety of things including a failed Read more about How Did I Get Started Making Money Online?[…]

Affiliate PLR Premier 2.0

What Is Affiliate PLR Premier 2.0?

Affiliate PLR Premier 2.0 is a brand new membership program offering high quality PLR content to affiliate marketers. It’s the newest in the Affiliate PLR Premier membership program series and offers affiliate marketers a range of done-for-you content to populate their sites. If you are an affiliate marketer and you’ve been creating niche sites for Read more about What Is Affiliate PLR Premier 2.0?[…]

Social CPA Academy Review & Bonuses

Social CPA Academy goes behind the scenes and shows, with video training, how you’re able to leverage Facebook ads and CPA with absolutely awesome results. This training can take even a newbie to success and your first income online in just days. They have tons of proof and I personally know these guys and they Read more about Social CPA Academy Review & Bonuses[…]

CB Affiliate PLR Packages Is Live

So for a long time I’ve been working on a new membership site that offers complete niche packages on a regular basis. With CB Affiliate PLR Packages, you’ll have everything you need to target niches and make some serious cash. Each package is split into 3 sub-niches and includes: Keywords (100s of Exact Match keywords) Read more about CB Affiliate PLR Packages Is Live[…]

The New Google & What It Means For Affiliate Marketers

There’s been a lot going on with SEO recently and it seems as though Google is changing. With plenty of Panda updates recently as well as several planned for this year, it is more important than ever to stay up to date with changes. What’s happening? It seems that there is a shift happening that Read more about The New Google & What It Means For Affiliate Marketers[…]

Membership Software: The Truth Continued

A few weeks a go I made a post about choosing membership software. However, since then there have been several developments and I thought I’d update you on my current opinions. I originally chose Easy Member Pro and that is the system I use for Authority Blogging Formula 2.0. However, since then I have found Read more about Membership Software: The Truth Continued[…]

Authority Blogging Formula 2.0

It’s nearly ready… I’ve been working really hard to provide some real value to my subscribers and I think I’ve finally done it. Authority Blogging Formula 2.0 is the new and improved version of my previous WSO on the Warrior Forum. Like the previous version, ABF 2.0 will be available through the Warrior Forum at Read more about Authority Blogging Formula 2.0[…]

Membership Software: The Truth

I have a new product launch coming up in the next week or so and in order to deliver the video series and training materials I needed a membership platform. The original version of my upcoming product used a simple (almost archaic) htaccess system. The users would receive an email with the username and password Read more about Membership Software: The Truth[…]