Working From Home – The Eternal Struggle

I’ve been self-employed and have worked from home since 2008. It was always a fairly easy thing to do – I didn’t miss the hustle and bustle of an office environment and I quite liked having my own schedule to set and stick to.

However, over the years I’ll admit I’ve found it harder and harder to stick to my own schedules. Having a baby didn’t help matters in that department!

Finding A Work/Life Balance

Finding that work/life balance that everyone craves is super hard – I think harder when you work from home. It’s almost impossible to separate your work life from your life life and this can cause problems.

Working longer hours than intended. Not working at all. Finding it difficult to switch off. I’ve been through it all – and don’t even get me started on depression and motivation problems!

Housework, children, socialising and family events. There’s a lot going on in adult lives these days and working around it as and when you can, can be very stressful. People who work from home will struggle more than those who go to an office or workplace and have set work hours.

Don’t get me wrong! The positives do definitely out-weigh the negatives but that doesn’t mean it’s not super hard.

Some days, I’ll be upstairs working and I can hear my daughter shouting “mummy” repeatedly at her daddy. She simply doesn’t understand yet why I have to be upstairs without her for so long – and that’s rough.

On several occasions I’ve had to stop working and reschedule things and move things around. It can feel downright chaotic.

So how do you stay on top of it all? How do you keep these things from happening?

Well, to be completely honest you don’t. You just keep learning. You keep going. You keep failing and you keep re-trying.

There are times when this can be frustrating and the journey will feel arduous. I just try to remember that like most things in life, it IS the journey that makes it.

Working from home is a battle, sure – but it’s one I’ve enjoyed for over a decade now and I intend to keep battling. Even when it’s bloody hard work!