The Trouble With Choosing A WordPress Theme

So, as you can probably already see, I updated my blog and added a new theme. However, it wasn’t as easy as it should have been. Don’t get me wrong, WordPress is a super easy to use platform and has hundreds if not thousands of great themes available. Nonetheless I found choosing a theme for Read more about The Trouble With Choosing A WordPress Theme[…]

Membership Software: The Truth Continued

A few weeks a go I made a post about choosing membership software. However, since then there have been several developments and I thought I’d update you on my current opinions. I originally chose Easy Member Pro and that is the system I use for Authority Blogging Formula 2.0. However, since then I have found Read more about Membership Software: The Truth Continued[…]

Membership Software: The Truth

I have a new product launch coming up in the next week or so and in order to deliver the video series and training materials I needed a membership platform. The original version of my upcoming product used a simple (almost archaic) htaccess system. The users would receive an email with the username and password Read more about Membership Software: The Truth[…]