How Did I Get Started Making Money Online?

So a lot of you have been asking for advice and help with specific strategies of how to make money online. The first thing I want to say is that although I find making money online easy now – I didn’t always have such luck.

I started with a variety of things including a failed attempt at email marketing. I then went on to discover an awesome program called Bring The Fresh and to be honest, this is where I got my big break. I followed their advice and FINALLY started to make money from affiliate sites.

I made money with Amazon and AdSense for a long time (and still do) and although to begin with it wasn’t bank breaking amounts, it was enough to help me with confidence and investment into other projects.

I then moved on to launching products on the Warrior Forum. However, again, I didn’t do well at first. My first launch ever sold 9 copies. Yes 9.

I ended up buying Tristan Bull’s Fat Cat Coaching which then helped me learn the ins and outs of a successful launch on the forums. Through this course I met a friend who I then went on to launch several products with in a partnership. These launches generated several thousands and allowed me to build a small list of buyers.

It was with this list that I started promoting other people’s products and some of those buyers are still on my list today – some 6 years later.

Since those launches with my then business partner, I have worked on a variety of product launches but have always had my staple PLR packages.

These PLR packages are what led me to overall success in the online marketing space.

However, this market is super saturated now and it’s hard to even find a spot to launch, let alone do the numbers I used to do.

I am now working primarily on list building and mini launches, as well as still having my niche websites where I make money with Amazon and AdSense.

Bottom line is, it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t a straight forward road to success for me and I doubt it is for anyone else.

The main thing to remember is to stick at it and take action. There are hundreds of methods to make money online but none of them work if you expect it to happen overnight with no work.

Every method I’ve ever made money with has required a huge amount of research, focus, work and determination.

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a get rich quick method. No push button methods. No easy methods.

However, I hope this blog will show you that there are simple (not easy) ways to make a living online and that if you take consistent action, you will make money.

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