Membership Software: The Truth Continued

A few weeks a go I made a post about choosing membership software. However, since then there have been several developments and I thought I’d update you on my current opinions.

I originally chose Easy Member Pro and that is the system I use for Authority Blogging Formula 2.0. However, since then I have found myself in need of something much more secure.

The problem with Easy Member Pro is that it doesn’t integrate with WSO Pro and Warrior + which is the payment processing system that I use. Because of this, I have to allow users to sign up for “free” access in order to register on the site. This is fine for the purposes of my system but unfortunately it does leave doors open for people who share links to access paid programs.

My next WSO which I have been working on with Rylan Clayne is something far more premium than a simple training program (not that I’m devaluing my current WSO – it’s still a great product). However, the next WSO is something that will need much more security and therefore Easy Member Pro is not an option. I thought about finding a way to integrate EMP with WSO Pro but it appears that this is something that’s not going to be possible. Another problem with Easy Member Pro is that it is extremely difficult to develop in.

So what am I going to do?

I like S2Member Pro and although it relies on WordPress it is robust enough to deal with several hundred, if not thousands of paying members. The only issue is the design aspect which can be dealt with by outsourcing.

S2Member Pro doesn’t integrate with WSO Pro “out of the box” but it is definitely possible. The only incompatibility is that WSO Pro returns PayPal IPN data in a slightly different format to what S2Member Pro expects. It has something to do with the “custom” post area of the script but to be honest, as I’m not a PHP or scripting expert, I can’t explain it in too much detail.

However, I do know that it is possible to build an intermediary script which will convert the data sent from WSO Pro into a format that S2Member Pro will understand. This means that integration with WSO Pro is possible which is a big bonus.

Rylan and I have decided to go ahead and set up S2Member and use our current developer to set up a small script which will (hopefully) seamlessly integrate WSO Pro with S2Member Pro.

To be honest, out of all the membership software options available, S2Member Pro is certainly the most robust in terms of development options and customisation.

However, I will say that it’s a real shame that there are NO software programs or scripts out there that offer the basics of membership without either too many bells and whistles or not enough!

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