Membership Software: The Truth

I have a new product launch coming up in the next week or so and in order to deliver the video series and training materials I needed a membership platform.

The original version of my upcoming product used a simple (almost archaic) htaccess system. The users would receive an email with the username and password after purchase, but I always felt it was not only unprofessional but also anti-user-friendly!

Htaccess is an extremely robust and safe way to secure files and folders on your server but it doesn’t lend itself to the customer experience side of things.

So anyway, I went on the search for an affordable membership solution that would work on standalone sites – not WordPress. I have used and still use S2Member Pro which is great but I’d only recommend it if you’re going to be using WordPress for your site.

I use WordPress and S2Member Pro for Affiliate Marketing Triforce and am happy with it as a system, but I don’t like the fact that creating WordPress templates that are appropriate for “make money online” training courses is impossible (with my experience of php) and buying them can be expensive. I’m much more proficient in HTML/CSS design so I wanted something I could integrate with my own site.

There are a lot of options on the market and most seem to do the same things… But there are a few differences like more advanced features, limited or extensive customization options and sometimes a HUGE difference in price.

Some of the options I looked at are as follows:

I liked the look of this but at just shy of $180 I was a little concerned that it wouldn’t be worth that level of investment. The features appeared to be very similar to that of my next option…

Easy Member Pro
This is the option I went with in the end. At just $97 you can’t expect miracles but it’s a great bit of kit and does everything I need it to do. I needed something that would take care of all the login/registration side of things as well as offer payment processing.

I also know someone who uses Easy Member Pro and ended up buying it based on the experience from a customer side.

Digital Access Pass
This is something I am considering for future projects. The features appear to outweigh Easy Member Pro but so does the price so I’ll have to have a good look at the demo version before I invest.

That’s one good thing about these software packages; they often offer live demos on their pitch pages which gives you a good feel for the software and how it’ll work for you and your needs.

Anyway, that’s about it for now! Look out for my new launch around the 10th of January 2012!

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