Social CPA Academy Review & Bonuses

Social CPA Academy goes behind the scenes and shows, with video training, how you’re able to leverage Facebook ads and CPA with absolutely awesome results. This training can take even a newbie to success and your first income online in just days. They have tons of proof and I personally know these guys and they are legit!

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My Full Review Of Social CPA Academy…

I was lucky enough to get access to Social CPA Academy to check out what all the fuss was about. I’ve gone through the entire video course and I’m here to tell you what it’s all about and whether or not you should buy it…

I’ll start with a good old fashioned pros and cons list…

Pros of Social CPA Academy

  • The videos are very clear and concise and don’t ramble on. There’s nothing worse than videos that focus on the guy in the video and not on the content and the course. Social CPA Academy’s videos are very good. Clear, to the point and very detailed.
  • The system itself is very easy to understand. It’s a simple method that doesn’t require a huge amount of complicated funnels or confusing business strategies.
  • The videos cover the following modules…
    • Overview
    • Market Research
    • Ad Creation + Research
    • Optin + Thank You Page
    • Offer + Banner For Thank You Page
    • Setting It All Up
    • Testing
    • Scaling
    • Systems & Automation
    • Numbers
  • Each video walks you through, step by step and is easy to follow.

Cons of Social CPA Academy

  • I wouldn’t say it’s entirely newbie friendly. There are some parts of the method that will require you to have a bit of technical knowledge – or at least an understanding of how the technical side of things works.
  • If you aren’t technically inclined then you will need an additional budget for outsourcing things like the optin pages and graphics.
  • Scaling video is a bit short and doesn’t really cover the real nitty gritty of scaling – it briefly talks numbers but doesn’t really give you a chance to understand fully.
  • The biggest con for me is that it doesn’t actually cover anything about email marketing to these leads once you have them. The offers make you money without you needing to market to your list but it’s a shame they don’t talk about how to can really benefit by mailing to these customers and making MORE money from them over time.

My Conclusion Of Social CPA Academy…

All in all, I’d say it’s a great course. Yes, there are cons, but I’m a stickler for details 😉

If you are looking for a simple method to make money and have been interested in CPA marketing or Clickbank marketing with Facebook ads as your traffic source then I’d say this is one of the top courses out there. However, be prepared for a steep learning curve if you are a newbie. That being said, if you’re an intermediate marketer or aren’t afraid to jump in at the deep end then this is a great way to start generating serious money online.

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My Social CPA Academy Bonus…


As this is such a great course, I’m offering a free bonus for anyone who wants to purchase using the links on this page. When you purchase, you’ll get access to my Super Simple CPA eBook which was previously sold for $17.

When you purchase today, using the links on this page, you’ll automatically get access to Social CPA Academy, as well as my Super Simple CPA eBook in the JVZoo Members Area after purchase.

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Have you purchased Social CPA Academy? Feel free to post your comments on the product below…


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