Why Search Engine Traffic Rules The Roost

Recently, I’ve noticed a trend in questions and concerns from Internet Marketers about traffic and how to get it. For me, search engine traffic will always be my number one priority and I can’t understand why people feel the need to find traffic from other sources above and beyond wanting search engine traffic.

For a long time, Google has been sending visitors to websites and this is what they do best. Why would you want to work your ass off trying to find other sources of traffic when you have a large corporation spending millions of pounds improving the way they send traffic to your business?

The Truth About Search Engine Traffic

Google, Yahoo and Bing are by far the best ways to get traffic to your site. I think the Panda updated from Google have scared a lot of people into wanting to find an “easier” way of getting traffic that doesn’t involve Google and therefore doesn’t require any risk. However, isn’t running your own business the very essence of risk?

Internet entrepreneurs are supposed to take risks – or at least that’s my viewpoint.

The Google panda updates are only there to reduce the number of low quality websites in the search engine listing, so if you have a high quality website with decent content, decent layout and a decent product on offer then what’s the problem?

Search engine traffic will always be the most reliable and stable source of traffic for me because it’s the ONLY source of traffic that offers super targeted visitors who are actually looking for what you are selling.

Other Traffic Sources


Twitter has become a big part of my online marketing but I don’t rely on it for traffic. Twitter has become a place to share information but it still isn’t anywhere near as targeted as a visitors searching Google. People on Twitter are usually going about their everyday lives and rarely are they looking to buy something – most people log on to Twitter to update the rest of the world on their current status. If they want to buy something or look for information about something, they are going to head over to Google.

Twitter is all about “chance” marketing and that’s not what I want to rest my business on. I want reliable sources of traffic that are almost guaranteed to be looking for what I am selling – the only place you get this is Google (and other search engines).


Facebook is very similar to Twitter in that I refer to it as “chance” marketing. It works in a similar way to Twitter in that users are logging on to find their friends, update the world and generally browse for information about people – NOT buy products and shop online.

Different Business Models

I suppose it depends on your market but for my business, the best source of traffic is search engines and as far as I can tell will always be search engines. Google especially.

I can entirely understand that if your business is about brand building and perhaps getting someone’s name to be well know, then Twitter and Facebook might be the right solution. However, do you not think that people on Twitter and Facebook are likely to learn about someone and then for further research, head over to Google and ask the big G for more information? If your business relies entirely on Facebook and Twitter then chances are you won’t be listed in Google and in that case, your information won’t be readily available when Twitter and Facebook users are looking for more.

Isn’t this a big mistake?

Why Google Rules The Roost

For me, Google will always be my friend. Yes, he’s tempormental and regularly changes his mind – but hey, we all have our issues. When it comes to my business, I can’t imagine ever wanting to run away from Google when he is clearly the largest source of information on the planet and will continue to be for as long as they exist.


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